Fall in North Conway, NH

There is something truly special about fall in the valley that makes it easier to embrace the cold weather coming in. The town starts to transform with the changing of the seasons, finding ways to make it fun while we wait for the ski season to begin. So, over the last 2 weeks we got out there and experienced as much of it as we could during our time off. First off, the foliage this year is just incredible! When we moved here 5 years ago one thing we never wanted to do was stop appreciating how beautiful this area is, so after driving by countless scenic spots daily, we finally decided to stop, take in the views and snap a couple pictures!

Saco Overlook, North Conway, NH, New Hampshire, Fall Foliage
The Saco Overlook
Saco Overlook, North Conway, NH, New Hampshire, Fall Foliage
The Saco Overlook

We also did a small tour of the pumpkin people. And let me tell you, this year people got really creative! If you're coming up to North Conway this fall make sure you add this to your list! Our 3 year old daughter, Nora, had a blast and really enjoyed taking pictures with them. First up, we stopped at our favorite local coffee shop The Frontside Grind. This place is the perfect pitstop when you're making your way through the village - they have a great selection of coffee and tea (my personal favorite is the hibiscus berry), delicious bagel sandwiches, and Matt's favorite local selection of beer. Nora personally just loved seeing their pumpkin people. She walked right up to it, said "HI!!" and asked for a picture. It was really cute.

Frontside Grind, Coffee Shop, North Conway, NH, New Hampshire

And yes, she's wearing her halloween costume already. She paraded around town in it all day while everyone who walked by her was so sweet and asked her why Minni Mouse was in New Hampshire, and not back home in Florida. So, if you are one of those people who complimented her outfit, thank you! You made her day. After grabbing our warm drinks we walked up and down the street a couple more times taking pictures and looking around. Well, I walked and Nora ran the second she saw the Zeb's sign (as pictured below) because she knew what that with the bear and treats!

As we made our way back to the car Nora saw her favorite pumpkin people at Pinkham Real Estate. The second her eye caught it she yelled "Mom I want to go see it!!" so, we ran over and she climbed right in, ready for her picture with Fred and Barney.

Pinkham Real Estate, North Conway, NH, New Hampshire, Fall Foliage
Pinkham Real Estate

And finally, what's the start of fall without a trip to the Sherman Farm Maze! There was so much for kids to do in addition to the maze. Definitely recommend it for a day out with the family! As you can tell, Nora had a blast.

We'd love to hear about your favorite fall activities and hikes in the valley in the comments!

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