Pockets & Polos

Kim Milliken

David Hoeft

Katie Hoeft

Trevor Sullivan

Ashley Smith

Tonya Mosher

Chris Chase

Brian Dodd

Little Angel Dodgers

Spencer Simms

Josh Drew

Kyler Drew

Ryan Drew

Kenny Drew

Sydney Baker

Alaina Albert

Alexander Bourdage

Gabriel Roberts


Tom Donovan

Jordan Murphy

Chris Gowin

Chris Olds

Will McKenna

Doug Hart

Black Team

Red Team

Blue Team

*Participants must be 18 or older to play*

  • Season will start December 9th. The first 2 weeks are preseason/pickup allowing people to get used to the format, captains and teams. If you're not signing up with a team, we will have team selections before the first preseason game.

  • Regular season begins January 6th and runs for 6 weeks (schedule will be released after the the first preseason game)

  • Playoffs will be 1-2 weeks following the regular season. All teams make the playoffs and will be seeded based on regular season standings.

  • Monday Nights 7:00-9:00pm (official schedule will be released after the preseason)

  • 6 Teams made up of 5-7 people (more or less based on participation)

    • Individual Registration: $60/person & team shirt is included in the cost to play. We will match you up with a team. 

    • Team Registration: Team fee is $360 and you can have up to 10 players. Cost includes team shirt.

    • There will be an additional $10/person charge over 5 players to cover the cost of the shirt. (Ex: 7 players: $360/team fee + $20 for additional 2 shirts = $380) 

  • $25 registration fee required at sign-up. Fee is deducted from total cost and balance is due by 1st regular season game.

  • If you need to pay in cash, please contact us to signup. 

  • Click the PDF below for rules and game play.

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