Archery Tag is an exciting mix of paintball (without the paint), backyard tag, and archery. Chase your friends around, ducking behind barriers trying to stay in the game! There are multiple games to choose from including secret service, capture the flag, team death match, zombies and more! Our 30 yard artificial turf field includes inflatable barriers and bunkers and we will provide bows, arrows, and face masks. We recommend wearing activewear and sneakers are required. 

Archery Tag


  • $800 for 2 hours, or $1,000 for 3 hours

  • Inquire for 4 hour+ pricing

  • 10% off if you book 2 activities & 15% off if you book all 3

  • Includes full course of inflatable bunkers and all equipments 

    • Equipment includes bows, arrows & face masks​

  • We can accommodate up to 80 people in an hour​

    • Roughly 4-5 groups of 16 per hour (including transition time)​

    • Each group/game getting 10-15 minutes of play per round

  • We will staff the event ourselves with 1-2 employees to manage all gameplay and Archery related activities (based on event size)​


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